Plants are already sprouting!


Not-even a week-old kale!


Our three-year old asparragus plants are giving their first fruit!

The Pel garden is in full-swing with lots of wonderful pelicans and former pelicans coming out to the island to volunteer in the garden! We need all the help we can get. Our goal is to grow more than 500 ibs of produce this year, start a potato patch, share the EMB garden with the island flowers and plant vegetables all over the island in container gardens, windowboxes and in small garden beds.

We hope to have enough produce to provide a substantial amount of veggies for close-up crew this fall. Since we have over 100 staff on island, we hope to produce larger amounts of certain crops, such as potatoes and zucchini, to make it easier for the kitchen to plan out meals with our own, organic produce.


Maggie transplanting herbs in the kitchen herb garden

Over the weekend, the Star Island van made a trip to Malley Farm in Somersworth, NH, where we filled 5 totes full of free soil. Ellen, Rich, Tim and Matthew prepared two new beds in the garden, sifted out the soil and lined the bed with recycled bottles. Moose, our island wastewater operator and garden muskrat hunter, helped compact the soil.


Preparing a bed for onions


The island is basically one huge rock, preparing new beds is lots of muscle-work. The Pelican Garden has been successful thanks to an accumulation of many years of hard work and amazing Pelicans!


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