“…living on the lighthouse island ten miles away from the mainland, every blade of grass that sprang out of the ground, every humblest weed, was precious in my sight, and I began a little garden…”

Celia Thaxter “An Island Garden” 1894


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  1. Star is one of my favorite places on this earth, thank you for sharing the garden with us and the pictures bring back so many wonderful memories. I will come back!!!!!

  2. Hello Island Gardeners ~ congratulations on such a fine start this year! I note the calcium deficiency in your soil composition, and your adding bonemeal. Over the summer, perhaps you might add eggshells as well, finely crushed. I am trying a Straw Bale garden this year (like a high raised bed) and my instructions include adding eggshells. I look forward to seeing your progress ~ Susy Mansfield

    • Hi Susy! We already have it on our “to do” list to talk to the bakery to save eggshells for us! Weve been looking into growing potatoes in straw bales in EMB. Weve never done it before, so let us know if you have any advice or can recomend us some strawbale garden books!

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